General IT Support.

Give us a call about upgrading existing systems, installing and integrating new equipment into your existing infrastructure.

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We're here to help with any general, or specific IT problem!

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IT Support.

Hauraki Systems can provide a host of outsourced IT solutions to meet the needs of businesses throughout Shropshire and the surrounding area.
So, whether your business does not have a dedicated IT Department, or if you need help or support for any aspect of your company's IT infrastructure, then feel free to contact us and see what we can do to help.

Advantages for your business include:
Professional Services available include:
  • Installing computer upgrades such as new hard drives, CD and DVD drives.
  • Comprehensive Anti-Virus and Security service.
  • Configuration and maintenance of hardware and software such as Internet Gateways and Firewalls.
  • E-mail services and most other application software.
  • Memory and CPU upgrades.
  • Independent hardware sourcing and supply, from simple upgrades to PC workstations and servers.
  • Networking: Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of all networking components, Cards, Hubs, Switches and cabling.
  • Operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows.