Some products that we can provide, or incorporate into existing environments.   

Image from CCTV leading to arrests

CCTV surveillance systems to protect your property

 network monitoring protection

And protect your IT infrastructure with enterprise-class monitoring.


As well as the comprehensive Unix, Linux and general IT support, we can also provide a range of products, either as stand-alone systems, or as add-ons to existing systems. These include:

 CCTV systems: Based around open-source technologies, giving the opportunity to monitor indoor and outdoor locations, with the ability to remotely store images and videos in real-time.

SAN/NAS systems: Either commercial or open-source products enabling mass storage to be added to your existing network infrastructure.

Monitoring systems: Enabling businesses to monitor their entire computing infrastructure. Normally, these systems are extremely expensive but utilising open-source products, enterprise-wide monitoring solutions can be available to all.

Servers: We can supply a range of servers, either built to individual specifications, or as pre-built appliances.
Web, file, print,  email and FTP servers can be supplied either as individual products, or in any combination to suit individual needs.

Anti Virus and Firewall: We can supply and install a variety of Anti-Virus and Firewall products - please feel free to contact us for a quote. Alternatively we are adepts at installing, configuring and supporting a variety of open-source alternatives.