Web and Internet.

With extensive experience in network connectivity, web design and graphic design for the web, we can undertake the vast majority of your web-based needs.

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Present and past clients include individuals and businesses in the UK, the EU, USA, Canada and New Zealand

Web Services.

At Hauraki Systems, we pride ourselves in the quality and expertise that we bring to any client's web based systems, but as well as our comprehensive web authoring and graphics service, we also offer several other very important web and internet services.

Web Sites.
Whatever your requirements, from a one page site, advertising your company's products or services, to a highly interactive company brochure, incorporating, for example, price lists, in-depth product information and company newsletters, we will be able to satisfy them.

Utilising your current company literature, if required, we can produce an equivalent 'look and feel' to your web site, standardising all your promotional material. Alternatively, we can design your site from scratch, to produce a totally new, unique and effective internet presence.

We can convert the vast majority of any existing electronic documentation to produce a basis for your company's web site. This option can be extremely cost effective and can provide a base point for future enhancements..

Web Graphics.
At Hauraki Systems, we can create a variety of images to increase the impact of a web site, improving the visual appeal of your web page and keeping a viewers attention.

Along with our web page authoring service, we can offer your company several options for incorporating graphics into your web site.

We would be happy to supply custom graphics to enhance any existing web site that you may have. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Web Hosting.
We can advise on, and supply if necessary, complete web servers, or space on shared web servers to host internet, or intranet sites.

Domain Names.
Hauraki Systems can register your domain name at a very reasonable cost, whether you choose to host with us or not.

Web site maintenance.
Maintaining a web site, whether on an intranet or the internet, can be a time consuming task. Our maintenance service can take that burden away from you, giving you time to concentrate on your core business while we take care of your web presence.
We can take on the task of updating your site, whether on an ad-hoc basis, or a weekly/monthly basis, ensuring that timely updates are made, and the information you provide is never out of date.

Web site relocation.
A lot of companies can be apprehensive about changing a web space provider. There can be a great deal of hassle updating links, email addresses and CGI scripts. Not to mention the re-submitting of new details to web search engines.
Hauraki Systems can help with all your web site relocation problems. We can replicate all the relevant material from your existing site, make the changes necessary, including changing and checking CGI scripts, before relocating the pages to your new web space provider.
We can even provide your own domain name, and host your site. Please email for further details..
Alternatively, rates for hosting and domain names can be requested via our contact page.